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Advantages of treatment plant Box4Water

The actual achievement of necessary treatment parameters

Use of innovative ExSep elements and ultrafiltrational membranes allows to guarantee the valid achievement of necessary treatment parameters.

Low operating costs

Operating costs are at a low level at the expense of rather low flocculant requirements and their quantity and also the increased service life of membrane blocks protected by ExSep separator. The system doesn't demand full time service and due to maximum automation is protected from risk of "a human factor".

The European quality by Russian prices!

We have achieved this result having certified production of Box4Water water treatment plant created with application of the most modern technology and design solutions by engineers of Luxembourg and Germany.

Possibility of equipment placement both in container and in a modular building.

Box4Water treatment plants depending on productivity and specific technology solution are made as in container execution and can be mounted in a modular building and also in Customer’s capital structure.

24 h service support

Box4Water is controlled by own control unit with use of a touch screen.

Program monitoring is made constantly by means of remote access.


Box4Water® СW

Installation for water treatment


Box4Water® WW-H

Installation for the purification of household effluents


Box4Water® WW-S

Storm sewage and land runoff treatment plant


Box4Water® SPS

Sewage pump station


Installation for water purification